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I Baloss di Poggio Radicati


via S. Bernardino 19 12037 Saluzzo (CN)
Telefono: 0175248292
This restaurant is found in a beautiful villa immersed in the green of a well-kept garden that is calm and scented by the flowers. Here you will find aristocratic hospitality in the noble rooms and a beautiful restaurant that is even better in the evening, when the pool is illuminated and acts as a perfect background. A beautiful place that offers a cuisine that is on the same level, at prices that are truly affordable considering the dishes and the setting. Not to be missed: the cheese platter which could be an alternative to dinner in and of itself. The restaurant is also praiseworthy for its children’s menu.
Tipo di cucina: piemontese e di ricerca

Numero Coperti: 80

 Chiusura: periodo in agosto

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