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La Ciaspolata - snowshoe trekking

Flo Ulmann
Martedì, 10 Maggio, 2016

Try Snowshoe trekking – a “ciaspolata!”  .  Thanks to friends from Touring and Senior Civici I had my first experience with snow-shoe trekking on March 21. 

  We drove up to the Valle di Mont-Cenis as far as cars could go.  After putting on the snowshoes (for the first time in my life – lent to me by an experienced snowshoe trekker)  we took off and walked in each other’s footprints for about 2 hours. 

  It was quite cold but beautiful, no one else around for miles and miles.  We finally reached Fort Varizella at 2200 metres and then headed back down.

  Crossing the dam we faced the strength of the wind but finally reached the other side of the valley and stopped for a well-earned snack.   Then, down again until we reached our cars.  It was a wonderful experience and actually not too difficult even for a complete beginner. 

  It’s a great way to really feel the mountains with no crowds or expensive ski-passes.