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Antica macelleria Bacci dal 1890


lungarno B. Buozzi 79/B 50055 Lastra a Signa (FI)
Telefono: 0558724500
In 1890 he began the trade of meat, by Augusto Bacci, in Ponte a Signa along the river Arno. It was 1930 when he passed the business to his son Rodolfo and his wife Romilda with their three children Renzo, Fernando, Augusto; was born in 1954 the Butcher Bacci Renzo & F.lli. Even then it was shipped the goods in Milan, Rome and Genoa. The whole experience of the family, was sent to only Fernando’s son, Alberto Bacci who from an early age of seven years, participating in first person by purchase, slaughter and sale for all animals. Since 1990, specializes in the on-line sales with shipments in 24 hours for the Italy and Europe, all the specialties of national beef, Chianina, certified (seal I.G.P.) such as steak fiorentina, sausage and Tuscany’s salami. The Bacci Renzo & F.lli supplies the most famous restaurants in the area. Experience and friendliness of a family over four generations, is known throughout the province of Florence.

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